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TSURUMI HSZ2.75S Submersible Construction Trench Sump Pump Auto
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Design for the following area:

  • Construction Site Dewatering (e.g. property owners for clearing water from trenches or for maintenance purpose);
  • Cellar or basement drainage on buildings;
  • Transfer and drainage of stormwater;
  • Circulation in decorative waterfalls and fountains;
  • Drainage of treated water in water treatment plants



  • Suitable use in water, rain water, ground water, sand carring water, mud carring water;
  • An agitator is provided on the end of the pump shaft. The agitator helps prevent air buildup inside the casing and also reduces clogging when solid objects enter the pump.
  • Vortex Impeller: It creates a whirlpool pump action. This allows soft solids, stringy material, grey water and light sewage to be pumped.
  • Auto Pump - Float switch attached - Pump will stop at low level and can leave the pump unattended opeartion.
  • Double mechanical seals -protects against water leakage which shorts out motor.
  • High grade bearings for high temperature operation are used. As the bearings are deep grooved and doubled shielded and covered permanently in grease, lubricating oil is not required. That is why¬†Tsurumi's Pump life is lot more life span than other brands
  • The pump can run non stop 24/7 without overheating or cutting out.
  • Molded "cable boot" extends the bending radius of the power cable preventing kinking and increasing cable life.
  • Safety and reliability (Continues rated)


Motor Feature:

  • Single phase
  • Insulation class: E
  • Miniature thermal protectors (MTPs) are built into its motor and integrated in motor windings. The MTP will cut the motor circuit in the event of excessive heat.
  • Lubricant: Turbine oil VG32
  • Duty: Continuously rated


Technical Specifications:

  • Model: HSZ2.75S
  • Motor power rated: 1HP
  • Voltage: 220-240V
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Capacity: 230L per minute
  • Head: 18m
  • Outlet: 50mm
  • Max solid size: 3/8" (9 mm)
  • weight: 17kg
  • Rating: Continuous
  • Dimension (cm):25X19X39


12 Months Warranty

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