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TLE-900A Household Pressure & Mains Booster Pump 110L/min
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Multistage Household Pressure Pump with Electronic Automatic Control Switch (Booster to your existing water pressure). High Efficiency & Technologically Advanced - Whisper Quite Operation

Design for the following area:

l Design for Large house, Double Storey with big garden, Farm Irrigiation, Restaurants, Retails and Commercial Outlets;

l Ideal use with any water tanks, as the pump is Fully Automatic, it will turn on when the tap open and turm off when the tap close. Also it have Run Dry Protection, it will power off if your tank run out of water.


l Super Volume Capacity max: 6000L/Hr- Enough flow for using water at the same time (showering, washing mahcine and water gardening)

l Multistage pump - provide constant and high pressure water flows to improve the performance of your showers, faucets, washing machines and garden watering systems;(NO more low water pressure, NO more annoying cycling effect caused byconventional pressurized tank system).

l Pump body: High graded Stainless Steel;

l High graded Stainless Impellers;

l High graded Stainless Steel Motor Shaft;(duration and corrosion resistance)

l Dry run protection(controller monitors system pressure and flow and turns pump on and off automatically.When taps are either opened or closed, it adjusts the flow rate and pressure, keeping these constant.)

l Adjuatable Pressure Controller- Electronic Controller monitors system pressure and flow and turns pump on and off automatically. When taps are either opened or closed, it will adjusts the flow rate and pressure, keeping these constant

l Ceramic and graphite Mechanical Seal;

l Compact size - easy to install, operation and maintenance;

l Safety and reliability (Continues rated);

l Double protection, current and terminal protector;

l Technologically advanced - Quite in operation;

Motor Feature:

l Single phase

l Closed, externally ventilated

l Heavy Duty Motor housing (Lot better Ventilation than Plastic Housing) Won't get overheat even continuous running

l Insulation class: F

l Protection class: IPX5

l Duty: Continuously rated

l Current protector & terminal protection

Technical Specifications:

l Motor power rated: 900W

l 4 stage(four impellers operating at the same time,lot more efficient and stable flow and pressure)

l Voltage: 240V

l Frequency: 50Hz

l Ampere: 5.5A

l Adjustable Pressure Controller with Pressure Gauge

l Electronic Fan Cooled & Anti-Rust Shaft

l Capacity max: 110L/min(7 taps rated)

l Revolution: 2850rpm

l Head: 45m

l Suction depth max: 7m

l Inlet and Outlet 25mm X 25mm

l Rating: Continuous

l Overall Dimension (cm): 40 X 16 X 40

Please check at your local pump shop. Similar Spec Davey pump HM90-13T selling at $1250

Comes with 12 Months Warranty

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