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Submersible 200W 36V SOLAR BORE WATER PUMP + Controller
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Design for the following area:

l Solar bore pumps are high efficiency pumps specifically designed to run from solar panels which pumping water from rivers, Dams, creeks and springs and transferring water from one site to another.

l Windmill replacement (Compared with windmills, solar bore pumps are less expensive, more efficient and much easier to install and maintain). That is famous for Australian long hot dry summer days.

l Livestock watering, remote homes, cabins and small irrigation where no power supply. Water is simply pumped during the day by pumping water into a tank which enabling access to water at anytime.

l Renewable energy, very cost-effective no fuel costs


l Fit 3" or large bore

l The pump system come complete with Automatic Solar pump controller, electric cable joiner,5 water level sensors etc.

l Simply install &Save Energy Bill.Pump just require connect to solar panels which not require any 240V power to operate. .Note: solar panel not include;

l Solar Pump Controller have feature: Run dry Protection; 5 Water level Sensor (Low level probe,tank prob etc).

l Startup when Solar panel supplies energy >= 10%

l Controller prevent the pump starting frequently on the condition of weak soar power through testing the dynamic of solar power , it can protect and extend the work life of pumps.

l When the system detects upper tank is full the system stop working automatically,

l When the system detects water level of ground water is less than the low water level probe (WL),the system automatically stop working, until the water level is higher than high water level probe(WH) and resume to work.

l Stainless Steel Pump Housing & Shaft

l Solar bore pump electronic control box are above ground for easy access and greatest reliability.

l Brushless DC Motor & Helical rotor pump

l Compact size - easy to install, operation and maintenance;

l Safety and reliability (Continues rated);

Technical Specifications:

l Motor power rated: 200W

l Voltage: 36V

l Solar Panel Requirement: 260W, 130W X 2 in series connection Peak Voltage 17-18V, Open Circuit Voltage 21-22V

l Head: 75m

l Max Flow (L/Hr): 800

l Flow rate (L/Hr): 240@56m, 300@50m, 360@44m;

l Clear, free from solid or abrasive substances,

l Outlet: 25mm

l Rating: Continuous

l Overall Dimension (cm): 8 X 8 X 44


Comes with 12 Months Warranty

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