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Zero Leakage Magnetic Drive Pumps

Magnetic Drive Pumps are seal-less that use a coaxial magnetic coupling to transmit torque to an impeller. That eliminating the rotating mechanical seal of traditional centrifugal pumps, seal-less magnetic drive pumps eliminate the possibility of fluid leaks. It is ideal for transferring abrasive chemicals and corrosive liquids e.g? acids, adhesives, coolants, liquid metal.

The rotation of impeller produces a force that circulating the liquid. The main purpose of the pump is to maintain energy and motion in a fluid. This helps keep water or other liquids from going stagnant in a system or fish tank.  That is premier line of external aquarium pumps for salt water aquarium and live fish holding tanks.

Magnetic drive pumps are also used in variety of commercial and industrial. Example include Pharmaceuticals, electroplating solution, metal, mineral, food industry, sea water re-circulation, film photo developing and printing, medicine remedy and pollution control etc.

Magnetic Drive Pump Installation & Operation Guide, Click here

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