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Canister Filters, Internal Filters and Hang-on Filters For Aquarium

We stock a wide range of aquarium filters - Canister Filters, Internal Filters and Hang on Filters for the freshwater and marine aquarium. Aquarium filters remove physical and soluble chemical waste products from aquarium, simplifying maintenance.

Canister filters are ideal for medium to large tanks. They sit on the floor or put inside the cupboard and have some hose that runs into the aquarium tank. Water is pulled in though a tube that has been placed in the aquarium to complete 3-stage mechanical, chemical and biological filtration. Water is then pumped through a series of increasingly meticulous filtration mechanisms. Each level of filtration sifts out larger and larger particulates until the water is clean enough to go back into the tank. When the water is pumped back into the tank, where it can either be deposited directly from the outgoing tube, or the flow can be diffused using the supply spray bar. The spray bar which can prevents introducing a current into delicate aquarium environment.

Your external canister filter does not require frequent maintenance like an internet tank filter. The maintenance on canister filters are usually done every 4 months. For canister filter size need to have flow rate minimum three times of your aquarium tank volume. For optimized performance we recommend buying an internal filter unit to pull debris and fish waste out of the water so you can clean it more often and clean the canister filters every few months.

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