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Air Pumps, Electromagnetic Air Pumps, High Volume Air Pumps, LP low Noise Air pumps, Air Blowers Widely used to provide oxygen in aquariums, fish farms, septic system & hydroponic systems. One year warranty.

Aquarium Air Pumps

Aquarium air pumps increase your water circulation and surface area for proper gas exchange.

Pond air pumps & fish farm air pumps

Pond air pumps & fish farm air pumps are excellent for increased efficient mixing and aeration for the fishpond or aquaculture (fish farms) during the hot summer months when oxygen levels decline.  Air pumps for ponds are often needed in the winter months to maintain adequate oxygen levels in the fish pond if the main pond pump is shut down, or keeping water from freezing during cold winter months if you live in an very cold area of Australia.

Septic air pumps

Septic air pumps provides a suitable oxygen for home sewage treatment plants (HSTP) which organisms into waste-water treatment systems (septic tanks), the waste-water breakdown process changes from anaerobic to aerobic. These bacteria break down the organic solids in the waste-water. We have range of Hailea,Jebao and Resun linear diaphragm septic air pumps for your septic tank aeration . Other brands in Australia include Sakuragawa Air Pumps, HiBlow Air Pumps and Techno Takatsuki Air Pumps

Please note: We pre-delivery check of each air pump prior to shipment to give you assured confident.

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