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4 X Premium Inline Miele Fridge Filter External Fridge Filter
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Premium inline fridge filter (push fit) DA2010CB SUIT FOR ALL SIDE BY SIDE FRIDGE WITH EXTERNAL FRIDGE This Filter Fits all External Fridge or Icemaker machine

Compatible Filters&Fridge:

l Suitable for:External inline refrigerator water filter is a replacement cartridge for side-by-side refrigerators that have externally fitted cartridges

Fridge Water Filter Spec:
Installation and replacement procedure for the Compatible External fridge water filter :

l 1. Find isolation valve which will be located somewhere on the water supply line to the fridge. Turn it off and to depressurise the system draw a large glass of water from the water outlet at the fridge.

l 2. . Have a bucket and towel ready as there will be a small spillage of water during this process. Remove the old filter by depressing the locking collar at each end of the filter with your thumb nail (or similar) and at the same time pull out the water supply line. Discard the old filter.

l 3. Take the new filter, making sure the flow direction is correct and insert the inlet side only, the line will go in approx 5 10mm and you will feel it hit home.

l 4. Placing the filter in the bucket, turn on the water supply and allow about 5 litres of water to flow through the filter and into the bucket. This will remove any loose carbon fines. Turn off the water supply and connect the line that feeds into the fridge. Turn on the water supply and run approx 2 litres through the system.

l 5. Complete the Replacement Due sticker and place in a visible area inside the fridge door.

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