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4 STAGES 190LPD Portable Reverse Osmosis Water Filter
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Ideal for caravaning, camping when you are unsure of the quality of water would be suitable for drinking while you are away.

Also for home use this system can be neatly and discreetly stored under sink, and pulled out using somewhere when necessary.


l Unit made from heavy food gradematerial

l New"quick connect fittings"which allow easy connection, it is not require any tools to setp. Simply depress the colar where the tubing goes into the fitting to release the tubing, or to insert the tubing, simply push the tubing until you feel it fitting into position.

l Produces +/- 190 liters per day depending on mains water pressure

l NSF international standard

l With this Premium Filter system + RO membrane your family will be enjoy super clean water all year round.

l Size: 32x22x14cm

STAGE 1:InlinePoly Propylene Sediment Filter: This 5 micron filterwhich remove dirt, rust, algae and sediment(Last about  8-12 Months)

STAGE 2:InlineCarbon Filter: this5 Micron GAC Carbon Filterremove the vast quantity of any taste odour or chemicals in the water and help to prolong the life of the membrane. (Last about  8-12 Months)

STAGE 3:RO membrane:The RO membrane is the filter system core. All the crucial work is done here, This membrane is a 0.02 micron rating. It is stated by the manufacturer to be a U.S 50 gallon per day membrane (190 Ltrs) for optimum working pressure/conditions and will rarely able to reach this amount in our domestic kitchens. (Last about 4-5 years)

STAGE 4:Inline carbon Post-Filters;These coconut filter is used to removed dissolved gas, bad taste and odor from water. This is a polishing stage of the filtration process.(Last about 1 year)

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