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2018 Model Jebao Auto Clean Back Wash Flush Koi Fish Pond Filter
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Design for the follwoing area:

l Ideal and excellent filtration performance use for Koi or Fish Ponds.

l Efficient filtration for faster breakdown of harmful substances and long operation. Filtration includes mechanical, biological, adsorptive and chemical components.

l These UVC Bio Pond filter is ideal for cultivating a true biological water component for the inhabitants of your Pond,


l New Design - Handle built in for press all the Scum out of the Filter

l Strong UV resistance ABS body with Australia safety approved power cable and plug for outdoor use.

l UV light transformer built inside the filter(More safe as not expose to weather)

l Multi-layers of mechanical and biological filtration system.

l STAGE 1- MECHANICAL FILTRATION: Water is pumped into the filter creating the necessary pressure to begin the mechanical filtration stage. Two foam discs collect various sizes of unwanted organic debris encouraging the growth of large numbers of beneficial bacteria which break down harmful pollutants.

l STAGE 2- BIOLOGICAL FILTRATION: At this stage the water passes through the bio-balls at the bottom of the filter. These have a large surface area & provide a habitat for beneficial bacteria to grow which naturally convert the harmful toxins of ammonia & nitrites into useful nitrates to supporty a healthy pond environment.

l STAGE 3- UV CLARIFICATION: The water which may contain microscopic suspended algae spores passes the 24W UV clarifier and killing the spores to give crystal clear water.

l Backwash function--Just press the switch on top of filter.

l The pond filter complete with total bio balls,can clean up pond up to 15000L pond with waterplant life with No fish, 9000L pond with waterplant life with some goldfish/natives or 8000L with some Koi Carp.

l Quite operation;

l Heavy duty, durable and reliable.

Technical Specifications:

l Voltage: 240V(Use Australia safety approved power cable and plug, all sealed design for outdoor use)

l UVC power:24W(Transformer built inside the Filter More Safety)

l Recommend pump's flow rate.10000-25000 L/ Hr

l Pond Capacity:Max15000L

l Canister Capacity:30L

l Comes with hose connectors

l Step-down outlet adaptor 20/25/32/40mm & 1 1/2"BSP male threaded outlet & inlet.

l Rating: Continuous

l Size(cm):41.6 X 34.2 X 60.

Jebao Bio Pond Filter also rebranded and sold in Australia as Aquapro Pond Filter & PondMax Pressure Pond Filter

Comes with 12 Months parts Warranty

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